Reflections On My 49th Birthday

I’m 49 today. Next year I will have lived a half a century. And I’m passed middle age! That deserves a moment of silence and some reflection. The best part of looking ahead is being able to look back and say, “Wow, what a ride it’s been”!

At 19 life was chaotic, scary and uncertain but I had a path to follow and knew if I stuck to it things would be ok. Adventures, graduations, jobs lay ahead and I was going to conquer it all with my fierce independence and sheer grit.

At 29 I was footloose and fancy free. Traveling and shopping; shopping and traveling completely unaware of the adventures my 30s would bring. Moves, marriage and babies!

At 39 I had my last child and stepped into a decade of incredible joy, gut-wrenching loss and betrayal, renewed hope and powerful love. I grew balls and learned so many new things about myself, my courage and my unfathomable love for my children.

As I enter my 49th year I’m still learning, trying new things, dumping old ones and finally making conscious decisions to step away from the not productive and toxic. Boundaries are my friend! 

My greatest joy is in my children, in my relationship and in my lifelong friends near, far and in between. I hope to close my 40s surrounded by love, uplifted by faith, strengthened by hope and blessed with good health.Thanks for coming along for the ride!